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GaGaalinG disbands [
Monday † 15.03.2010 † 5:30 pm

I'm sorry, I have to tell everybody around that GaGaalinG will disband soon.

I just copy and paste the news from 1st March on Shattered Tranquility:

GaGaalinG sent out a new edition of their mail magazine the other day with an important announcement to all their fans — they will be disbanding on July 17th.

The following is a translation of what was written in the magazine:

To those of you who always support us,
On July 27th after our oneman live at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE, GaGaalinG will be putting an end to their activities.

From last year until now, the members, producer and staff had numerous discussions about GaGaalinG’s activities, our music and also the member’s individual thoughts. As a result, we realized that the members each had different opinions on where GaGaalinG should go after this, and we therefore decided to end our activities.

After July 17th, the members will also carry on down their own paths, but we hope that you will continue to warmly watch over us.

Being part of GaGaalinG, being able to meet everyone, and sharing this amazing time with you is something that we will always treasure.

Our lives from March 20th ~ July 17th will be the same as always.

One by one, we’ll take on the challenge to make each live the best it can be.

To everyone who’s cheer us on,
with feelings of gratitude, together,
we hope we can until the end, create soun
that feels just like GaGaalinG,
so please, come and meet us.


Source: Official Mailmag

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Selling [
Saturday † 06.06.2009 † 8:37 pm


Selling GaGaaling flier at my journal o3o
If you're interested, just click the photo.
Thanks :)

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Thursday † 04.12.2008 † 9:25 pm


Good news to all of us!!

GaGaalinG postet an MySpace entry yesterday, that they want to come on a world tour in 2009!


Dezember 04, 2008 



GaGaalinG will have BICBANG next year.

Big determination occurred in my mind.

I absolutely promise to standing in the top.

Therefore I seems I have to get so many thing for getting win.

Therefore please support us by all of your power.

The world tour will be real!

Therefore I want to apply with the support leader of each country.

WE want to send our information from them.

Please spend hot thought as a leader in any message.

Thanking you in advance.

If there is not the dream of you, my dream cannot comes true.

We need your passion!!!!

    from GaGaalinG


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Welcome [
Thursday † 17.09.2020 † 1:18 am


I just wanted to say WELCOME to every GaGaalinG Fan on LJ!

Most entries in this community are friendslocked, so please join to see all posts ^___^

Thank you

PS: Please read the rules, before you add this communitiy.

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